INSEAD MiM In-House Event-Fontainebleau France

The INSEAD’s MiM In House Event in-person on the Fontainebleau Europe Campus on April 23rd is a great opportunity to attend an amazing Masterclass, tour the campus, and meet with Admissions, Careers, and staff not to mention INSEAD’s Students:


13:30 Optional Campus Tour

14:00 Welcome

14:05 Masterclass by Professor Timothy Van Zandt, Professor of Economics: Gaming strategy

15:05 Tea & Coffee Break

15:40 Being a student at INSEAD

16:10 How to prepare your best application?

16:35 Your Career Journey with INSEAD!

17:00 Student Panel Discussion and Q&A

18:00 Cocktail with Students & Staff Members

19:30 Closing

Pre-registration is required and more INFO HERE

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