Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center Student Achievements for 2022

The academic year 2022 has just started. So it is time to report the successes of the students of our center for this academic year. All of them were once again accepted to top postgraduate programs worldwide. Their successes carry special weight, as the fact that they occur during difficult times makes them all the more remarkable.

Congratulations and we hope you are all happy with your choices, and we know we did our best to make them. We also wish you to excel in the future and make us proud, as is traditionally the case with the progress of our students.


You can see what our students say about us and their success stories HERE


Alex Aggelopoulos, NTUA, Harvard MBA
Feli Oikonomopoulou, Oxford, Yale MBA
Giannis Froussos, NTUA, LBS MBA
Stefanos Ziomas, UCL, LBS MBA
Dionysis Poukamisas, NKUA, LBS MBA
Filippos Tamvakakis, Pitzer, INSEAD MBA
Christos Papachristos, AUTH, INSEAD MBA
Stella Chiotaki, Reading, ESADE MBA
Nikos Rodakis, AUEB, St. Gallen MBA
Vasilis Delkos, AUTH, Politecnino di Milano MBA

Master USA

Maria Stavridou, AUEB and Warwick, Master in Public Health, Harvard
Ilias Eliezer, Maryland, Master in Financial Engineering, UCLA with Scholarship (Also BU, USC, Columbia)
Panagiotis Boltsis, UOP, MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford (Also Berkeley and Columbia)
Chrisanthi Vervenioti, NTUA, MS in Sustainability Management, Columbia
Anna Bobola, Tufts, MS in Sustainability Management, Columbia
Minas Emiris, Bristol, MSc in Management, Science and Engineering, Columbia
Konstantinos Glantzounis, NTUA, MSc in Management, Science and Engineering, Columbia
Foivos Nichoritis, NTUA, MSc in Management, Science and Engineering, Columbia
Vasilis Koutsoumpas, DUTH, MPP Georgetown with Scholarship (Also John’s Hopkins, Tufts, Columbia)
Vasilis Kafkas, Bath, Master in Management, Georgetown
Thanasis Klimentidis, AUEB, MSc in Finance, Florida International University

Master Europe

Danai Gavriilidou, Bocconi, Master in Management, INSEAD
Spiro Kodoprias, Pireaus University, Master in Management, INSEAD

Elpida Drakouli, Leiden, MiM LBS

Aggeliki Exacoustou, AUEB, MSc in Marketing, HEC Paris
Makis Dragatsis, Pireaus University, Master in Finance, HEC Paris
Spyros Tsaousis, AUEB, Master in Management, LBS
Simos Galatis, AUEB, MFA LBS (Also LSE, Imperial)
Myrto Doukidis, Manchester, MSc in Marketing, LSE (Also Sciences Po, Imperial)
Nick Karouzakis, NTUA, MSc in IT and Digital Innovation, LSE
Thanos Nikolaou, AUEB, Master in Accounting and Finance, LSE
Dimitris Kaipanos, NKUA, MSc in Economics and International Financial Economics, Warwick
John Soursos, Pireaus University, MS in Financial Technology, Imperial
Theodore Gavriilidis, NTUA, MSc in Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Imperial
Vasilis Dimitriadis, MSc in Finance, Imperial
Alexandra Tsatoucha, AUEB, MSc in Marketing, Warwick Business School
Ioanna Pandi, AUEB, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Edinburgh
Alexandra Pyrinis, NKUA, MSc in Marketing Management, Bayes (Cass) Business School
Tasos Lekkas, AUEB, MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance, Bayes (Cass Business School
John Kyriazis, Pireaus University, MSc in Investment Management, Bayes (Cass) Business School
Katerina Karantzouni, AUEB, Master in Management, Bayes (Cass) Business School
Lefteris Kantinos, AUEB, MSc in Marketing, Bath
Jenny Kanata, AUEB, MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ESADE
Aris Kaitatzidis, UOI, MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership, ESCP
Marilia Rodi, Pireaus University, MS in Fashion, IESEG
Achilleas Valozos, AUTH, Master in Management, UBC
Thanos Nichoritis, TUC, MS in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology, Technical University of Denmark
Fanis Papanikolaou, Pireaus University, MSc in Financial Data Science, UCD
Angela Mertiri, Pireaus University, MS in Finance, HEC Lausanne.
Maria Geronikolou, NKUA, Master in Crisis and Security Management, Leiden
Evangelos Papaevangelou, Pireaus University, MS in Finance, VU Amsterdam
Vicky Amaxa, Pireaus University, Master in Accounting, Auditing and Control, Erasmus
Marina Kelepesi, Pireaus University, MSc in Marketing, Erasmus
Angelos Bousdras, Bayes, MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics, RSM
Antonis Drougkas, Pireaus University, Master in Economic Policy, Utrecht University
Kyriakos Koukiadakis, AUEB, MSc in Data Science and Entrepreneurship, Eidhoven University of Technology


Joanna Agorastou, NKUA, LLM, Georgetown
Mara Vanou, City, Master in International Relations NYU (Also UCLA, George Washington)
Klearchos Nikolos Lazanas, NKUA, LLM, NYU
Christianna Katsapi, NKUA, LLM, Vanderbilt
Dimitra Kalantoni, NKUA, LLM, Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Stella Roussou, NKUA, LLM IE
Evita Chrysochoidi, AUTH, LLM in International Trade Law, Erasmus
Andriani Bella, NKUA, LLM in Intellectual Property Law, Turin University
Marina Christaki, NKUA, LLM in European Legal Studies, College of Europe
Eleni Zisioglou, NKUA, LLM, Leiden


Maria Soundia, NKUA, Advanced Education Program and MS in Prosthodontics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Marianna Tsitsou, NKUA, MSc in Global Health Policy, LSE
Nikos Tsopakis, NKUA, MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, King’s College London


Spyros Terlemes, Bachelor in Physics, Princeton (with Scholarship)
Eleni Melina Peimanidi, Bachelor NYU

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