Every candidate has unique academic goals and professional ambitions, which should be emphasized by a personalized approach that takes them into account. Our counselors will help you determine what the best approach is for your application into your desired program. We do not try to force you into pre-set admissions counseling plans and canned templates that may not fit your needs. In Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center, we can help you:

Head of Admissions Consulting and Editing: Thomas Kalandranis
Member of ΑΙGAC (Association of Graduate Admissions Consultants)




Basic Session

Help choosing a University

Full presentation of how to build a Personal Statement, tailored to selected Universities

Analysis of what to include in reference letters, differences between academic and work references

CV analysis and critique on shortcomings or errors. Guidance on how to build a good CV

Master's Ph.D

Full Editing Package

Basic Consulting Session

Analysis, critique, and evaluation of first draft of Personal Statement with commentary

Analysis, critique, and evaluation of final draft of Personal Statement with commentary

Full editing service of final draft (content, structure, grammatical & syntax proofreading)

CV edit

Pricing: Call us for details


MBA Editing Package

Ideal for MBA programs with multiple essays (e.g. HEC, INSEAD, LBS, etc.)


MBA Program Consulting session

Identification candidate unique strengths

Strategy for “Best Fit” into program

Development basic structure of essays

Analysis, critique, and evaluation of first draft of essays with commentary

Analysis, critique, and evaluation of final draft of essays with commentary

Full editing service of final draft (content, structure, grammatical & syntax proofreading)

CV edit


Strategic design of up to two (2) reference letters (up to 1 page, each)

Analysis, critique, and evaluation of 1st draft with comments

Full editing service of final draft for up to two (2) reference letters (up to 1 page, each)

Pricing: Call us for details

Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Includes some or all of the following:

Design list with potential questions, tailored to target school

Analysis, evaluation, and optimization of prepared answers

Mock interview (in English), performance evaluation

Pricing: 60 €/hr


Applications FAQ

It’s the way for the Admissions Committee (AdCom) at each university to learn more about you (the applicant) beyond what grades you got and what sort of professional experience you have. It is also a key component of your application package and plays a significant role in getting accepted into the program.

The AdCom would like to read things that showcase your qualifications, your ability to be an active contributor to the program, and your potential to succeed in your professional life.

✓ Show GPA of last two years
✓ Show GPA of specialization/concentration courses

Those that try to guess what the AdCom wants to hear end up sounding like a prepackaged, dry speech. You are unique, so write about your unique self and your own ideas and dreams. Universities often stress that they evaluate candidates on the basis of “being a good fit” to the program.

We maintain an extensive database of former students or ours that have studied or are currently studying in many of the better-known universities in the world. It is possible to bring you in contact with a selected few to get some insider’s information.

Absolutely! Universities rely on their graduates to maintain their reputation and position in the rankings. They are definitely interested I candidates that show ambition and the promise to succeed. They also want to see that your decision to get your Master’s (or PhD) degree with them was a conscious one, deliberately made to serve a higher purpose, i.e. your professional success.

In practical terms, it is semantics. Most commonly, universities and employers may use these two terms interchangeably. Americans prefer the term “Resume”, Europeans the term “CV”, and the rest of the world may adopt either.

We offer a variety of packages, tailored to each candidate’s particular needs. We believe that we offer top quality consulting and editing, at competitive prices. Contact us for details.

✓MBA candidates with 2 or more years of experience should focus on professional rather than academic achievements
✓Score high on the GRE/GMAT
✓Take business/extra courses or do a minor at an English-speaking institution (e.g., Deree College)
✓Obtain strong recommendation letters

Your CV answers most of that. What you must do is give specific, personal examples of your most significant experiences, in such manner as to highlight your key abilities. For example, instead of simply saying that you have strong communication skills, organizational abilities, and leadership potential, describe a project in which you assumed the lead, organized and delegated the tasks, and managed to reach a successful outcome.

The past is often a good indicator of the future. Write about how you participated in such and such projects, in and out of class, your experiences at work (hopefully you have some), and any other social, charity, cultural, and civic involvement/activities you have been a part of. It is important to mention your future involvement in Clubs and other activities at the university.

Search, read, and study information on the program(s) of your choice. Talk to friends, professors, alumni, or current students in that particular program. Learn about the philosophy of the school, the daily routine of being a student, the good and the not-so-good things about the program. You need to make an honest evaluation of who you are and what you want, in order to see if you make a good fit to the university.

At our center, we have the experience, knowledge, and techniques to sit with you and counsel you on how to build the main infrastructure of your statements/essays. We guide you how to include some useful personal information and how to present yourself in the best light. Finally, we are experts at helping you prepare the final draft in a language that is professional, engaging, and interesting to the reader.

The soonest possible! It is never too early to start. The process of writing a good statement requires some introspection, thinking carefully about your future, and a seamless transition from undergraduate to post-graduate to professional future. It may require repeated attempts at writing, correcting, and polishing your essays before you reach your final draft.

We have a combined experience of over 30 years in counseling and coaching candidates how to write strong essays. We are also experts at providing the necessary editing to make your essays stand out, in form and in content. Finally, we continuously keep up with the latest developments and changes in requirements of the top universities abroad and we can advise you accordingly.