Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center Student Achievements for 2019

The academic year 2019 has just begun and we report here the successes of our center’s students for this academic year, both in graduate and undergraduate programs. Congratulations to you all and we hope you are all satisfied with your choices, as we were instrumental in them. We also wish you to excel in the future and make us proud, as is traditionally the case with our students.

You can see what they say about us HERE


2019 Greatest Hits List

Anna Tsilidou (UOM) MBA, Columbia Business School
Konstantinos Vogklis (LBS) MBA Chicago Booth
Melina Tourni (NTUA) PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Fu Foundation School of Engineering, Columbia
Alexandros Milolidakis (UOC) PhD in Computer Science, KTH Royal Inst. of Technology
Athina Karatzea (Athens Dental School) DMD in Orthodontics, Florida Nova Southestern Lauderdale
Sofia Sofianou (UOP) MArch II, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Christophoros Spyrakos (Paphos Univ.) MArch, Columbia GSAPP
Lena Kalapoda (NTUA) MS in Urban Planning, Columbia GSAPP
George Gatsios BA in Economics TRIPOS, University of Cambridge
Agni Voutsinou (Vet DVM AUTH) MBA with Merit Scholarship, LBS
Panos Kyrkopoulos Executive MBA, LBS
Danilina Polidori Msc in Finance, LBS
Maria Christina Loi (Northwestern) Master in Financial Analysis, LBS
Themis Vranas (UCL) Master in Financial Analysis, LBS
Giannis Katris (AUEB) MiM, HEC Paris
Konstantinos Throuvalas (NKUA) MPA, London School of Economics
Anastasia Marinakou (AUEB) MBA, St Gallen
Dimitris Tsitsirigkos (BU) MSc in Data Science, Imperial
Konstantinos Mitropoulos (NTUA) MiM, Imperial
Nikos Tsontzos (AUEB) Msc in Finance, George Washington
Konstantina Gota (Hell. Air Force Eng.) MA Business and Managerial Economics, Tufts University, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Ilias Arampatzis MSc in Finance, Miami Bus. School
Katerina Misthou (AUEB) Master in Management and Strategy LSE
Thanasis Plexidas (NKUA Law) LLM, Oxford University
Maria Vasilaki (NKUA Law) LLM, Edinburgh
Eva Davaki (Universita Macerata), LLM in Competition and Communication Law, Queen Mary
Katerina Eleftheriadi (NKUA), MSc in Psychology, Edinburgh
Georgina Theodorakakou (NKUA Law) LLM, Edinburgh
Vasilis Kallitsis (AUEB) MSc in Finance, ESADE
Nikos Santo (AUEB) MSc in Computational Finance, UCL
Marina Dritsa (NKUA Law School) MSc in Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Cass Bus. School
Stelios Tryfon (King’s) Master in Shipping Trade and Finance, Cass Bus. School
Eleftheria Makrydaki (Crete Arcithecture) Master in Finance, Cass Bus. School
Charis Kontopoulos (UOP) MiM, Cass Bus. School
Manolis Georgakis (AUEB) MSc in Entrepreneurship, Cass Bus. School
Thodoris Stomachopoulos (AUEB) MiM, University of Bath
Nikos Prapas (Greenwich) MSc in Corporate Finance, Queen Mary
Marianthi Charoni (Panteion) Master in Talent Development and HR, IE Bus. School
Sotiris Achtypis MSc in Finance (asset pricing), King’s College London
Christina Skitsi (NTUA) MSc in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU
Giannis Davourlis (NTUA) MSc in Supply Chain Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Ourania Mplaxoura (NKUA Law School) LLM in International Property Law, Glasgow
Olga Chatzifoti (NTUA) Master in Serious Games and Virtual Reality, SimViz, Glasgow School of Arts
George Daskalopoulos (Pantion) MSc in Marketing, Strathclyde
Stathis Koronakis (Piraeus Univ.) MSc in Data Science and Society, Tilburg University
Maria Belevoni (NKUA Law School) LLM in Global Criminal Law, Groningen
Panos Sotiropoulos (NTUA) Inter. Master in SCM and Procurement Management, Politecnico di Milano
Alkis Panagiotou (NTUA) Master in Quant Finance and Risk Management, Bocconi
Eleni Giannarakou (AUEB) Master in Quant Finance and Risk Management, Bocconi
Spyros Oikonomou (AUEB) Statistical Science CLAMSS, Bologna University
George Tolis (NKUA) MiM, RSM
George Xydias (NTUA) Master in Finance and Management, Strathclyde
Vasilis Papavasileiou (AUEB) MSc in SCM Alba Bus. School with Kedge Bus. School (France), Joint Degree
Konstantinos Kaouras (NKUA Law School), LLM in Competition and IP Law, UCL
Stefania Simou (NKUA Law School) LLM, National University of Singapore
Ersi Mourdoukouta (NKUA Law School) LLM in Maritime Law, University of Southampton
Anastasia Milopoulou (NKUA) MSc in International Relations, Leiden
Ioanna Sachai (AUEB) MSc in Banking and Finance, Utrecht
Evangelos Panethimitakis (AUEB) MSc in Banking and Finance, Utrecht
Eftihis Oikonomakis BEng in Automotive Eng., HAN University of Applied Sciences
George Tsiodras LLB, Groningen

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