Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center Student Achievements for 2020

The academic year 2020 started a while ago. We want to report here the acceptances of our center’s students for this academic year, both in top graduate and undergraduate programs. We know that it was a really difficult time for all of us, nevertheless we coped in the best way. Congratulations and we hope you are all satisfied with your choices, as we were instrumental in them. We also wish you to excel in the future and make us proud, as is traditionally the case with our students.

You can see what they say about us HERE


Menelaos Alexandrakis – MPP Harvard Kennedy School
Filippos Nakas – MS in Symbolic Systems, Stanford University
Alexandros Mantzios – Harvard MBA
Apostolos Lempidakis – Harvard 2 plus 2 Program
Charalambos Tsovanakis – LBS Executive MBA
Argiris Spetsiotis – Columbia MBA
Dimos Praskidis – INSEAD MBA
Giannis Georgopoulos – INSEAD MBA
Nikolas Kambas – INSEAD MBA
Haris Fragoulis – LBS MBA
Katerina Argyrou – HEC MBA
Iakovos Dimitriou – Oxford EMBA
Raunak Ramakrishna – Copenhagen Business School MBA
Makis Botsis – St.Gallen and RSM MBA (deferral)
Amerissa Kaloriti – VU Amsterdam MBA
Dimitris Lampris – MS in Advanced Architectural Design, Cornell, Fulbright Scholarship
Marianna Kouka – MSc in Management of Technology and Engineering, NYU
Thodoris Damianidis – Master in Computer & Information Technology
Nikoleta Tamvaka – PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Mayo Clinic Graduate School
Sophia Koukia – PhD in Philosophy, University of Michigan
Stelios Kechagias – PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial
Athina Spinasa – PhD in Civil Engineering EPFL (scholarship by the Swiss State)
Evi Bali – PhD in Mental Health, University of Glasgow
Akylas Stratigakos – PhD in Computers Mines Paris Tech (Université Paris Science et Lettres)
Cemi Demiroglu – MSc in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Dual Degree, UPenn
Olga Kyriazi – Master in Business Analytics, Sloan Business School, MIT
Thalia Filokyprou – Texas A&M University, Graduate Prosthetics
Katerina Anastasaki – MSc in Prosthetics, University of Birmingham, Alabama
Panagiotis Afouksenidis – MSc in Periodontics, Baylor Texas University
Iliana Papapostolou – LLM, NYU
Petroula Thomas – LLM in International Property Law, Cardozo School of Law NY
Zina Sotiropoulou – MA in Museum Studies, University of San Francisco
Achilleas Stamatiadis – MA Program in the Humanities MAPH, University of Chicago
Anna Papadopoulou – Master in International Public Management, Sciences Po Paris
Fokion Dramaliotis – MSc in Robotics, Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Anastasia Lainopoulou – MSc in Pharmaceutical Development, UCL
Lina Slibi – MSc in Building and Urban Design, UCL
Panos Lioupis – Master in Management, LBS
Andreas Zavitsanos – Master in Management, INSEAD
Katerina Liakou – Master in Management, HEC Paris
Sokratis Ntounis – MSc in International Finance, HEC Paris
Daphne Doukidi – MSc in Marketing, HEC Paris
Giannis Stamatakis – MSc in Financial Statistics, LSE
Christos Vlontzos – Master in Management, IE
Despoina Vlachou – Master in Management, Cass
Konstantinos Koryllos – Master in Banking and Finance, University of Zurich
Giannis Kastanas – Master in Management, University of Zurich
Michalis Chalkiopoulos – MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance, Cass
Alexandros Karassavas – MSc in Finance, Warwick Business School
Alkistis Sapounaki – Master in Management, Imperial
Nikos Petsas – MSc in Risk Management & Financial Engineering, Imperial
Antonis Saitanis – MSc in Economics and Business Strategy, Imperial
Konstantinos Stamou – MSc in Finance, Imperial
Giannis Troullinos – MSc in Information Systems and Innovation, London School of Economics
Apostolos Tsatsoulis – MSc Risk & Finance, London School of Economics
Vasia Loukoupoulou – LLM in International Financial and Commercial Law, King’s
Savvas Actypis – MSc in Finance, King’s
Anthi Kokkinou – MSc in Digital Marketing, King’s
Loukia Daniolou – Master in Marine Studies, City University of London
Christos Gkikas – MSc in Corporate finance and Banking, EDHEC
Ilias Belchiter –MSc in EBusiness and Innovation, Lancaster University
(50 % tuition scholarship)

Charis Katsoulis – MSc in Finance, Trinity College Dublin
Anna Sapountzaki – Postgraduate Program, Architectural Association
Giouli Barliakou – MSc in Human Resources, University of Southampton
Victoria Saplaoura – MSc in Marketing, Manchester Business School
Vangelis Spyrou – Master in Management, Manchester Business School
Kira Kakoudaki – MSc in International Business, Grenoble School of Management
Artemis Krasagaki – LLM, Leiden
Filippos Zesimopoulos – MSc in Business Administration and Strategy, University of Amsterdam
Sotiris Legkas – MSc in Finance, University of Amsterdam
Artemios Mytilinaios – MSc in Security and Networks Engineering, University of Amsterdam
Pavlos Batistatos – Master in Marketing Management, University of Groningen
Efi Papoutsi – Master in Marketing Management, University of Groningen
Maro Chrysomallidou – Master of Business in Human Resources Management, VU Amsterdam
Penny Christodoulou – MA in Leadersip and Sustainability University of Malmo
Laertis Beji – MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Jönköping University
Christos Georgoulakis – Master in Techno-Anthropology, Aalborg University
Ifigeneia Komodromou – MSc in Clinical Dietology, University of Nicosia
Panos Voukelatos – MBA International, AUEB
Anastasia Kyriazopoulou – MBA International, AUEB
Giorgos Makrygiannakis – MSc in Accounting and Finance, AUEB
Aristotelis Michailidis – MSc in Business Analytics, AUEB
Nikos Taxidis – MSc in Informatics, University of Pireaus
Vasilis Maniakas – LLB, University of Dundee
Viktor Abakumkyn – Sci-Arc, Institute of Architecture, University of Southern California
Paraskevi Koilia – Bachelor in Furman University – Athletic Scholarship
Thomas Zevgaras – Bachelor in the University of the Incarnate Word – Athletic Scholarship

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