Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center Student Achievements for 2021

The academic year 2021 has just started. So it is time to report the successes of the students of our center for this academic year. All of them were accepted into top graduate programs worldwide. We know that it was a difficult time for all of us, nevertheless we did the best for you and you in turn achieved your high goals. Congratulations and we hope you are all satisfied with your choices, as we were instrumental in them. We also wish you to excel in the future and make us proud, as is traditionally the case with our students.

You can see what they say about us HERE


Christos Tsagkalidis, INSEAD Executive MBA
Antonis Sympouras, INSEAD MBA
Ioanna Krontira, INSEAD MBA
Thanos Spiliopoulos, INSEAD MBA
Maria Nefeli Bernitsa, INSEAD MBA
George Shaheen, Columbia MBA
Sofia Mitsotakis, Columbia MBA (deferral)
Dimitris Frouzis, Columbia MBA
George Sarantis, LBS MBA
Nikolas Georgiadis, IESE MBA
Alex Makris, Harvard LLM
Maria Vlachou, Columbia LLM
Despoina Zafeiri, NYU LLM
Athina Gaki, Northwestern LLM
Markos Kolaros, Master in Civil Engineering, Georgia Tech
Panos Kostopoulos, MSc in Biotechnology, Georgetown
George Andreadis, MSc in Business Analytics Columbia
Ioanna Ioannou, MA in Real Estate and Development, Columbia
Dimitris Papachristou, Master in International Business, Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Tuft’s
George Manalis, MSc in Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Nikos Katsanevakis, Master in Financial Analysis LBS
Sofia Katsabi, MPhil in Politics and International Relations Cambridge
Spyros Mexas, MSc in International Finance HEC Paris
John Argyrakis, MFin, University of Cambridge
Vangelis Viskadouros, Data Science Dual Degree, HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique
Aliki Lavda, MiM, HEC Paris
Christos Gousias, MSc in Periodontics, Marquette University of Wisconsin
Iris Michelaki, MS in Orthodontics, University of Seattle
Kostas Megkousidis, MS in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Boston University
Alexander Malliotis, St Louis Orthodontics
Sotiris Valozos, MSc in Business Analytics, UBC
Dimitris Dragatsis, MSc in Finance, LSE
Despoina Doudoumopoulou, MS in Health Economics and Policy, LSE
Eleana Terlaki, MiM INSEAD
Maria Kyprouli, MSc in Quant Economics and Finance, St Gallen
Apostolis Tsigkounakis, MSc in Machine Learning, UCL
Agapi Theodoridou, MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine, UCL
Fanis Kaloglou, MSc in Health Management, City
Eva Georgaki, MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management, Imperial
Georgia Motsiou, MSc in Accounting and Finance, Imperial
Isabela Stasinopoulou, MSc in Management, Imperial
Nikos Marakis, MSc in Business Analytics, Imperial
Pelopidas Pappas, MSc in Finance, Imperial
George Papamichail, LLM, Kings College
Maria Stamatiou-Freri, Master in Mathematical Engineering, Computational Science and Learning Track, Politecnico di Milano
Stavros Tzoulakis, MSc in Finance, Edinburgh
Mohamed Elwakiki, MiM, IE
Ilias Giannakopoulos, Msc in Sports Management & Bus.Analytics, New Heaven
Jim Tzelatis, Master in Leadership in Sports Education, Carthage College, Kenosa Wisconsin
Electra Kogia, MSc in Orthodontics, Gothenburg
Antonis Mastropetros, MSc in Food Technology, Copenhagen
Ioannis Peifanos, PhD CIRIEC-Belgium in Liege and a PhD admission at the University of KU Leuven in Social Science
John Skordas, MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship, RSM
Dimitris Paschalidis, MSc in Economics and Finance, Erasmus
Eirini Deloudi, MSc Accounting, Auditing & Control, Erasmus
Antonia Eleftheriou, MSc in International Business and Tax Economics, Tilburg
Marinos Schetakis, Master in Strategy & Management of International Business, ESSEC
Eleni Gagari, MSc in Finance, Lugano
Orestis Lamproukos, MSc in Commodities Training, GENEVA
Fotis Kanatas, MSc in Commodities Training, GENEVA
Haris Staikos, MSc in Information Management, KU Leuven
Argyro Oikonomou, MSc Digital Marketing & Data Science, Groningen
Marios Baxevanakis, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Groningen
Eva Boutsikakis, LLM, College of Europe
Dimitris Stagiannis, MBA International, AUEB
Myrto Christodoulou, BSc in Economics, Bocconi

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