GMAT® Integrated Reasoning — Launching June 5, 2012

The New Generation GMAT introduces the New Integrated Reasoning section:
gmat integrated reasoning
  • Not separately administered
    • It is the second part of the exam – immediately after the 30-minute AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment / Argument) essay section and before the first optional break
  • Non-adaptive testing format
  • 12 questions in 30 minutes
    • Some questions are multi-part and include:
    • Table Analysis
    • Multi-Source Reasoning
    • Graphics Interpretation
    • Two-Party Analysis
  • No review of previous questions allowed
  • No partial credit given
  • On-screen calculator
  • Skill assessed:
    • Ability to interpret, analyze and evaluate verbal and quantitative information presented in a variety of forms
  • Score reported on a 1-8 scale

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