Successes Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center 2023


This year has been a crucial one for our center. We progressively continue, with our students, driving via a technological progression to excellence. We want to congratulate our students for their achievements.

We are glad and proud of you.

Some 2023 News

In June, our admissions consultant Thomas Kalandranis attended the AIGAC annual conference in New York and New Haven (Columbia, Cornell Tech, Yale) and became a member of its board. There, he met many heads of Admissions coming from Ivy League Universities.

Also, our GMAT Consultant attended GMAC Test Prep Summit 2023, to stay fully updated concerning the latest GMAT Changes and Focus release. Further, we stay fully updated on every change in GRE-TOEFL-SAT. Our Head of Studies Dia Gerontoudi has supervised the upgrade of all teaching materials.

Last, our center hosted INSEAD twice and participated in graduate expos. Dia Gerontoudi prep center was also the unique gold sponsor in the first Legal Job Fair that has ever taken place in Greece, organized by Elsa Athens.

Read below the impressive list. The Hall of Fame 2023.

You can read student testimonials here and the network of 230 academic departments here.


Thodoris Margiolas NTUA, Harvard Business School MBA 25’

Christos Doukas,AUTH, Sloan MIT MBA 25’

Marianthi Nika, AUEB, Cornell MBA 25’

Eleni Peraki, Imperial, INSEAD MBA 24’

Christina Patsioura, NTUA, Imperial MBA 25’

George Valvis, Warwick, HEC MBA 25’ with Excellence Scholarship

Konstantinos Moustidis, AUTH, IMD MBA 24’

Ektor Souroulidis, BU, SDA Bocconi MBA 24’

Marianna Lianou, Pantion, KU Leuven, MBA 24’


Stathis Iliakis, NTUA, PhD in Chemical Engineering, MIT

Ioannis Pyrovolakis, PhD in CEE, Cornell


Maria Paziotopoulou, NKUA, LLM, Harvard Law School

Elina Bitzika, LLM, University of Chicago

Mariana Gravani, NKUA, LLM, Columbia Law School, Lawrence A. Wien Fellowship

Lila Papadaki, NKUA, LLM, Tilburg

Master’s USA

Marina Mitrou, NKUA, MD, John’s Hopkins

Konstantinos Mitsotakis, MPP Georgetown

Konstantinos Basiakos, MSc in Global Real Assets, Georgetown

Stavros Malkidis, UOM, MA in Economics, NYU, Karelias Scholar, Hayek Fellow

Nikolas Kritsikis, Webster, Master in Finance, STEM, Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College

Ioannis Kokotsakis, NTUA, MEng in Project Management, University of Maryland

Master’s Europe and UK

Marios Sengas, Nottingham, Master in Management, Technology and Economics, ETH

Apostolia Ioli Diamanti, UOC Biology, MSc in Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet

Aliki Lavda, NTUA, HEC, Admitted to 2nd Year MiM, Joint Degree Sloan School of Management, MIT

Angelos Naskidis, UOM, Master in International Relations, Sciences Po

Anzel Knoumi, BU, MFA, LBS

Maria Christina Dimitriadi, European Univ. Cyprus, MFA, LBS

Simon Sakellaris, AUEB, MFA, LBS

Konstantinos Dedes, AUEB, Master in Finance, LBS

Haris Stoupas, AUTH, Meng, MSc in Analytics, LBS

Stelios Andritsos, AUEB, MiM, LBS

Marianna Zenzefili, AUEB, MSc in International Social and Public Policy, LSE

Christos Papagiannis, Panteion, AUEB, MPA in Public Administration, LSE

Ira Stamatiou, NKUA, Law, MSc in HR and Organizations, LSE

Mariana Tsitsou, NKUA BPharm, MSc in Global Health Policy, LSE

Efrosini Choubavli, AUEB, MSc in Health Economics, LSE

Yoran Namias, AUEB, MSc in Economics, LSE

Dimitris Katsaros, NTUA, MSc in Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Imperial

Konstantinos Veroukas, Southampton, MSc in International Management, Imperial

Stavros Tomazinakis, AUEB, Master in Econ. Policies of Energy and Environment, UCL

Kathryn Georgiou, Bath, MA TESOL, King’s College

Constantinos Lemos, AUEB, MSc in Real Estate Investment, Bayes

Nikos Tsoutsas, AUEB, MSc in Corporate Finance, Bayes

Dimitris Podaras, Deree, MSc in Energy, Trade, and Finance, Bayes

Nafsika Oikonomou, NTUA, Master in Sustainable Design, Architectural Association

Nikos Ioannidis, AUEB, MSc in HR Management, Trinity College Dublin

Ilias Protasov, AUEB, MiF WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, 25% scholarship

Stefanos Negris, Universität Munchen, MSc in Energy Management, Specializing in Finance and Industrial Mgt, ESCP

Aris Kaitatzidis, UOI, MDT, ESCP

Theodora Tsoutsa, Panteion, Master in Human Rights and Law Social Policy, SOAS

Axel Geerts, Friburg, Leuven, MiM, IE

Christos Thomopoulos, UOM, MSc in Finance, IE

George Lazaridis, AUTH, MiM, IESE

Eleni Kousiaki Panteion, Master in Luxury Brand Management, Institut Francais de Mode

Kyriakos Koronaios, AUEB, MAFED (Fashion), SDA Bocconi

Nikos Lioudakis, AUEB, MSc in Finance, SDA Bocconi

Georgia Charmani, AUEB, MiM, SDA Bocconi

Claire Tsakiris, Master in Digital Humanities, Linnaeus

Aris Therianos, Pireaus, MSc in Finance, Geneve

Vasilis Sakellariou, NKUA, MSc in Financial Management, Utrecht

Chrysi Choustoulaki, NTUA, Post master in Process & Product Design, Eidhoven TU

Irene Liapi, NKUA Math, MSc in Quant Finance and Actuarial Science, Tilburg

Yannis Koutsomitis, NTUA, Master in International Management, Tilburg

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